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MHHR's mission is to provide shelter, rehabilitation and a permanent, loving home to unwanted, abused, old or injured horses and donkeys and we are dedicated to this cause.  Some horses may be used in our horsemanship program; some become retired companions, trail horses or are retrained for new careers.  Horses are never sent to auction or slaughter.  All potential adopter homes are thoroughly checked and references are required.  After a  horse has been placed, there is a probation period when the new home is monitored to assure all adopting standards are met.  Should you be interested in adopting, an online application form is on this site and a list of adoptable horses is available.
If you're considering donating a horse or donkey, we are a 501(c)(3) organization and you may be entitled to a tax credit.  We do not appraise value.  Please check with your accountant to discuss your personal tax situation.  Often, the tax credit may be better than the few dollars you may get at auction, not to mention the peace of mind in knowing you've done the best you can for your unwanted/surrendered horse.
How can you help? 
We always need donations!  Your donation dollars go directly to our basic expenses of feed, vet and farrier costs.  If you prefer, direct gifts of feed, hay, halters, blankets, tack, etc., are also welcome.  We rely solely on donations to run this sanctuary and are not government funded in any way.  We have no administration or board member fees or costs as volunteers supply this help.  All donations go directly to the horses!

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